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    Just a quick and probably easy question for someone to answer;

    I need to fiddle with the CSS for the calendar widget, but I can’t find it. Either I can’t find it or I’m looking in the wrong place. I guess my question could also be stated as;

    Does my theme’s CSS control how the events calendar widget looks or is there a CSS file in the events-manager directory that handles all that.

    I need to make the font used for the days of the week (numbers) larger and change the color of the days that have events associated with them.

    Aside from that, LOVE your plugin!

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  • I actually did not find either of CSS for the calendar.

    But with firebug or another, we find the class:
    etc …

    So just to create a child theme for wordpress and play with the class in new CSS file?

    for reference only; you can see that in /events-manager/includes/css/events_manager.css at around line 101 then use your theme style.css for modification.

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    NetWebLogic Support

    jetpack has a neat feature to add custom CSS to your theme header, so you could use that instead and avoid hacking files or creating a child theme just for a few lines of CSS (although a perfectly viable solution if you need to do more)

    Thanks for the feedback. I am downloading Jetpack as I type this and will investigate all options.

    Thanks again.

    very time agelonwl is suggesting to use themes stylesheet file for events_manager.css customization, but I’ve came to problem (in my theme) it doesn’t override EM css file. Opposite happens- events_manager.css is overriding my style.css every time..

    What could cause that?


    can I know whats steps you did and which css snippets you inserted in your theme style.css ?

    I am using templates for calendar-full and calendar-small

    I rewrited probably most of /* Calendar Styles */ in events_manager.css might be not the cleanest but does the job. Tried to copy them into my themes style.css after last update but it events_manager.css still overrides snippets from themes style.css

    You can take a look here and try to override and see what happens

    Sorry, I don’t understand what you want to say, what are you trying to do exactly as change, as integration look correct ?


    try to edit your theme header.php and move your style.css includes after wp_head

    what happens is your theme style.css loads first before EM css and maybe that is why EM overrides your custom calendar css

    R-one, I am trying to add custom style to Events Manager small and full calendars. Every time I update Events Manager it replaces events_manager.css with new file. As I understand, I have to copy my new snippets to my themes style.css so it would override events_manager.css calendar snippets.. The problem is- it doesn’t. Events_manager.css overrides my calendar snippets in style.css

    I don’t know how to explain it differently..

    agelonwl, you are my hero! That was the case, it works now- thank you for your time I really appreciate it.

    Do you use a Child theme for your change ?

    It’s my solution for modify or add fonction to my blog, and i can update plugin or “parent” theme. And all my changes are preserved.

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