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    I’m having an issue navigating the EO Calendar widget. When I click to the next or previous month, the page simply refreshes and the calendar does not change.

    I have confirmed that this is an issue with my theme (the calendar widget works fine when I switch to Twenty Eleven) but I can’t figure out exactly what the issue is. I have checked and I believe all the necessary Javascripts are being loaded.

    Here is the site that is having issues:

    Here is another test site that I set up that IS working, and it’s using the exact same theme:

    I have also checked for plugin conflicts to no avail. Do you have any suggestions I could try for troubleshooting? Thanks very much for your help

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  • Hi Jake,

    I checked the browser console and I got this error:

    Resource interpreted as Script but transferred with MIME type text/html: "".

    It could be that plug-in that is causing the issue? Not sure what’s trying to do, but its including ajax.php as as js-file.

    Hi Stephen,

    Got the same problem when trying to navigate to previous or next month.
    Page reloads, month doesn’t change.
    Different error message in the console, though:
    ReferenceError: EOAjax is not defined
    Line 7
    That’s when page is loading.
    Didn’t have that trouble with previous version of the plug-in.
    Is that coming from your end or mine ?
    Thanks a lot, man.

    Hi Stephen,
    thanks for your quick response last week. I disabled the plugin you mentioned and was still experiencing the issue. I am not as skilled at troubleshooting issues with the browser console, but perhaps the previous member’s info might shed some light on both of our situations.

    If you’d like to troubleshoot my site further, it has moved to

    Thanks for all your help–


    Another update:

    I managed to replicate Nico’s error message above in the browser console:

    Uncaught ReferenceError: EOAjax is not defined frontend.min.js:8
    (anonymous function) frontend.min.js:8
    l jquery.js:2
    c.fireWith jquery.js:2
    v.extend.ready jquery.js:2

    Thanks guys! I’ve started a ticket for this:

    The fix is really simple so you can expect an update sometime today…

    great, can wait that much for sure.
    thanks to you, Stephen.

    Thanks Stephen–
    I installed 1.6.3, but unfortunately my issue still persists (although the former errors in the JavaScript console are now gone). When I click “next” or “previous” in the Events Calendar Widget, the page refreshes, and there is a new URL in the address bar, similar to this:

    What’s even more confusing is that I have a test site up and running (with the exact same theme), and it is working fine. Also, on the test site, after clicking a “next” or “previous” month, it does not reformat the URL, as it does above.

    Production site:
    Test site:

    If I switch my production theme to Twenty Eleven, the calendar widget starts working normally.

    Do you have any more ideas of what might be causing this?

    Thanks again for all of your assistance,


    Problem fixed for me with 1.6.3
    Thanks a lot Stephen

    I found what was wrong with my theme. It wasn’t using the following code in functions.php, which I found in some previous support posts:

    ‘before_widget’ => ‘<div id=”%1$s” class=”widget %2$s”>’,

    My parent theme doesn’t use the above code when registering widgets. However, I’m using a child theme, and I thought I had properly filtered the function to register the widgets properly (but it obviously wasn’t working). My mistake!

    Thanks so much for your help, and for the awesome plugin. Have a great new year


    On a similar note with the mini widget calendar, I notice that it will not show previous days that had events except for the most recent past one, and clicking on that day will bring up a nothing found on that day screen. Changing the month and going back will make the most recent past event day disappear from the mini calendar.

    If I check “Show past events” in the options then the link will work, but now the Events page will show every event as opposed to only upcoming ones.


    Hi vyabsley – sounds like it could be a cache issue? I’ve just checked – and it wasn’t, but (now is) working.

    The initial month displayed is printed with the page, then when you navigate its updated via ajax, so if the page is cached then the cached copy of the calendar is served, but then updated when navigating.

    If its indeed a cache issue, then I will need to look at changing how the widget works.

    Links to past events won’t work if you have opted not to show past events in the ‘global’ options. Although ‘intended’, it does seem buggy.

    Just for reference….I just had the same problem and this suggestion fixed it:
    ‘before_widget’ => ‘<div id=”%1$s” class=”widget %2$s”>’,

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