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    I am running WordPress 2.2+, and yesterday I discovered the Calendar plugin by Kieran O’Shea. I installed it and got things working how I wanted at an admin level. I want the other content editors of the site, my Editor and Author permission level people to be able to update the Calendar, but it doesn’t show up in their “manage” section of the website.

    I did a search on the forums, but not sure if my lack of results is because I didn’t know what terms to search for beyond “Calendar Plugin” and permission/editor/access. I emailed Kieran directly through his website, but I wasn’t sure by what he said there if he discourages that or not. I didn’t get an answer back yet, so I thought I would try here.

    Has anyone else tried to get this to work for them? What was your solution? Or did you just do a different plugin altogether that worked at any privilege level?

    Thank you.

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  • Ok. I kind of wanted to be done with this, so I went ahead and installed wp-cal instead. This plugin had the same problem, by default it used a function called user_can_edit_post in deprecated.php under the wp-includes directory to check to see if a user could post a calendar event. By default, only a user account with a level “10” in the database could post. I made a copy of the function, and added an or “||” to make it ok to post for level 7 (editors and authors).

    I did a search, I didn’t think Kieran’s plugin made a call to this function, but if it does I am sure you could do a similar change to make his plugin work in a similar fashion.

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