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  • I’ve been looking for a Calendar plug-in for my site and have tried several of the ones listed here.

    My basic needs are to have a Calendar that can:

    1) be skinned relatively easily, Event Calendar 3 is great but the css is a mess. Nothing is consistent and it is designed pretty poorly.

    2) Be displayed on one of my Pages. Having a widget is good, but I really need it to be displayed in a page.

    3) This is the most important one: allows individual event entry by a subscriber, who has control over their own entries (add/edit/delete) but no one elses. KJO’s Calendar is probably the best Calendar plug-in i’ve tried on here, but inexplicably, all users have control over every entry which could create chaos.

    Does anybody have any suggestions for a Calendar similar to KJO’s that offers these features?


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  • Anyone? Really?

    I am planning on expanding the permissions structure in the next version of Calendar which will then do what you are looking for. I’m working on the next version as I type so I expect a release in the next few weeks.

    you are a gentleman and a scholar. thanks.

    Kieran, the calendar plugin is one of a kind. Functions really well. Just a question, can you make it compatible with 2.7? I want to upgrade but really dont want to lose the calender.

    It is compatible with 2.7, its just I haven’t yet made a new release and so haven’t updated the readme file to reflect the fact.

    How’s it progressing Kieran?

    Hi Kieran,
    I’ve inserted the Calendar plugin into WP 2.7. It works very well and is highly customisable. Very nice, and the style sheet is quite intuitive too. Thanks for the great plugin.

    Just wondering about two things:

    Can I change it so that the category colour for a particular day doesnt highlight only the event title text, but the whole box for the day


    How do I change the colour of the event text in the pop up when I hover over a day?

    Many thanks!

    Text colour can be altered in the style sheet box on the options screen.

    You cannot turn a whole day the colour of the category of the event that sits in it because the calendar supports multiple events per day and those events could sit in different categories. This is why just the background of the event name is given the colour.

    Hi KieranOShea

    what is the link to the latest version of your calendar with individual event entry by a subscriber?


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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