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  • Plugin Author Greg


    Hello gezginrocker,

    Sorry for the delay in my reply, for some reason I did not get a notification.
    I looked at your site and saw 8 JS errors reported by Google Chrome (hit F12 for the developer tab). Feel free to go back to the non-jQuery version of my plugin for now, this should work and cover the most basic needs.
    In the end, it’s probably a good thing as well you give these errors a look. Once you have a clean code, give the plugin another try and I’ll happily try debugging any potential issues if any.

    Hope this helps

    Hello Greg,

    Thanks for your reply. I’ve downloaded the older version, but I can’t activate it. It gives this error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in \wp-content\plugins\bookingcom-affiliate-plugin\includes\shortcodes.php on line 1732

    Do you have any ideas about how can I solve it?


    Plugin Author Greg


    Hey gezginrocker,

    Yeah I have a fair idea as I ruled out this error with the next few versions 🙁
    The root cause is I used to take some liberty with the PHP syntax that was only recognized by the most recent apache / PHP installs. This error was reported by a tiny minority of users and completely disappeared later on with the newer releases.

    I guess at this stage I don’t have a good solution with this plugin for you other than (1) debugging your javascript errors or (2) updating your server configuration (but I understand this might have a number of dependencies…).

    The only option left is to use the iframe call out. Go to your admin panel and paste the proposed searchbox code into one of your wordpress text widgets. You’ll find limits to this setup but at least you’ll have your site running !

    Also, keep this plugin installed (deactivated) to test it out at times when your theme or other plugins will get an update. This might solve the Javascript issues and thus allow you to use this one.


    Hi Greg,

    Actually I’m running on IIS/PHP environment, it’s not Apache/PHP.

    Afet this error, I decided to return to the new version of plugin. But the new plugin also gave the syntax error. So I restored an earlier db backup.

    I’ll try to solve the JS errors that you pointed out.

    Thanks a lot for your interest.

    Take care!

    Plugin Author Greg


    Wow that sounds like a very messy situation 🙁

    To get yourself running now, deactivate / erase the plugin / do a DB cleanup (tons of plugins can help, like “WP-Optimize”).

    Then go ahead and install this early version of the plugin. It’s nothing else than a 2-clicks setup for the actual searchbox. It’ll load an iframe within the width / height you define. You cannot face a code issue with this one as all the fancy job is on the side.

    That’ll put off the emergency of adding the searchbox on your site, so you don’t lose any sales while taking the time to troubleshoot some of your other plugins.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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