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  • I’m using the WP 3.5 with CollabPress 1.2.2

    The calendar does not show tasks with dates neither on dashboard nor on the front-end.

    Any hints?

    Also (using a buddypress group), adding tasks, task-list, or project on front end works but pressing submit would bring you to an empty (white) page. Same for ticking a task as complete/open on frontend.

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  • Plugin Author Eric Andrew Lewis


    What theme are you using?

    Can you confirm the same issue happens with all other plugins disabled except BuddyPress and CollabPress?

    I am using the RESPONSIVE Theme by ThemeID (version
    It is BuddyPress Compatible.

    I confirm that issue happens with all other plugins disabled.

    The problem also persists with the latest update 1.2.3

    Thanks again

    Plugin Author Eric Andrew Lewis


    I’ve enabled the theme, and can see the calendar in the back-end view of CollabPress with tasks just fine. The theme shouldn’t affect anything in the CP back-end views.

    The calendar has never been incorporated to the front-end of CollabPress, so I’m not sure where you expect to see it, but you won’t as of yet. It’s definitely something I’d like to get in our next version though.

    Yeah.. so I upgraded to the latest CollabPress. If I redefine the due dates, it actually works!! The only difference I see is that the old format was like “09/01/2013” whereas the new one saves as “9/1/2013” (both dates were chosen from the calendar view.

    So it works now! Thanks and sorry if bothered and thanks for the great work!

    I should add that it also works now on frontend!!!

    @ arshiacont :
    I would like to know how you did it, to show the calendar of collabpress on the frontend of buddypress?

    thanks in advance!


    i am using onecommunity theme with buddypress activated, i created a page named projects with default template and linked to the header menu. then i have used the short-code given in the projects page and i can see the list of projects in the. But, when clicked on the project i cant see the project profile or list of tasks under it. all it says is page not found


    Plugin Author Eric Andrew Lewis


    Can you include screenshots please? Might be helpful to diagnose the issues.

    you can check this link. if we click on the project. it say page not found



    On another thread, a collabpress user noted the very important CollabPress buddypress settings that actually solved the problem on my side. here are my settings:
    Try it out!

    Plugin Author Eric Andrew Lewis


    @nunnaram sorry, I’m not sure why you’re getting the 404s there. It should load the “Projects” page, which I’m assuming you’ve put the CollabPress shortcode in. However, for whatever reason WP is 404ing.



    Eric Andrew Lewis, can you suggest an alternative method of accessing the CollabPress calendar other than using the menu tab? I need to disable the Calendar tab in order to keep the BuddyPress Group Calendar visible (need to be able to create and view events) but also want to use the calendar functionality. Is there another way to access the calendar in CollabPress? Running with BuddyPress 1.8.1 and WP 3.6.1 and an actual BuddyPress theme.

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