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    Brand new! But so fare managed quite well until this glitch….

    Our WP displays just fine (as fare as we can test and see with various browsers in MAC OSX, Windows, Ubuntu etc) and has done since we started, until we noticed that in the latest version of Firefox, the normal calendar (widget) loads correctly, but then moves out of view to the right hand side on all pages. Pretty sure it’s only in Firefox and it is across all platforms on Firefox.

    Our guess is something/somewhere in the theme we use (which we do like even though it’s not a new one) doesn’t sit well with the latest Firefox release or vice versa?

    As mentioned, we are brand new to asking for help in here, but before we start digging really deep, we thought it highly likely that somebody more knowledgeable within this support forum would know the answer and could recommend a work around. Fingers crossed!

    The WP site is HERE

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  • Looks like it’s caused by the styles added by the “share” buttons – see the error on line 227:

    Yeah, that could make sense couldn’t it. Especially as the ‘Add This’ plugin has also just been upgraded. Seems strange that only Firefox suffers, but a little beyond our knowledge there….. We’ll sort those other little typo errors out whilst we there! I imagine we can go back a version of the plugin and see if that solves the problem then. Give us a little time and we’ll see. Thanks so far.

    Hmmmm Right, today’s work around until we go and look in detail and correct those little glitches (including the one you marked thanks WPyogi) is that by simply moving the calendar to the South_Sidebar instead of the North_Sidebar, it’s displayed correctly in Firefox (and all others). It’s not the appearance we really want, but that will return in due course after the other corrections. Thanks again for the quick insight.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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