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  • I received an email to renew my license for this plugin. But the calendar never worked which is the main reason I purchased this expensive plugin. I connected with the developer on many occasions to see if it could be remedied…even providing them with access to my site. But after several updates and seeing it not work, I gave up trying to get them to fix it. Needless to say I am not renewing my license. There are other plugins that do the same thing at a fraction of the cost and don’t advertise a calendar that doesn’t function. Maybe remove the calendar and lower the price… add it as a separate add-on for those few who claim they can see the orders on it.

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  • Plugin Author Vishal Kothari


    I haven’t got a chance to go through your interactions with our support team yet. But from what I understand, you are more disappointed about the pricing of the plugin instead of the plugin not working for you.

    I get it that you don’t want to renew your license & that is fine. But it comes as a surprise that the calendar only stopped working at the time of renewal (after a year). Does that mean it was working fine until then?

    There are always alternatives available for every plugin. You can take a call which is the best one that suits your needs. Thank you for your valuable suggestions on the pricing & how to sell our plugin. But we are not planning for a price change anytime soon.

    Good luck with the alternative plugins. If you still think we can help you with your issues, let us know & we will be there.

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    As you can see from the title “Calendar never worked” means that it NEVER worked. It didn’t start once my renewal came up. The reason I am not renewing my license is because it never worked, you could not get it to work, and I am not spending money on something that hasn’t worked in a year. You had a whole year to fix it.

    If the calendar worked, I’d pay $500. But it doesn’t. I’ve posted on your support site and you’ve had access to my website to “fix” the issue, but never did. Each update I kept hoping that it would suddenly work but I’m always disappointed.

    I was drawn to your plugin primarily for the calendar. I didn’t mind paying the money for something that would help my workflow. I contacted you all right away when I saw it wasn’t working. I allowed you to use my site to troubleshoot it past the 30 days refund you offer because I had confidence that you’d eventually get it working. But hey, it’s been a year. It has nothing to do with the money. Make it work and you got me back. Until then… I have to find another solution.

    Plugin Author Vishal Kothari


    We are pretty sure that there is no such issue which is open for a year. That’s simply not how we work. Customer support is a key aspect of our services & we don’t take that lightly. We also go out of our way for our customers to fix the issues – even when the issue from another plugin or theme.

    I would appreciate if you can send me your email address or give us your ticket number or forum post link so I can see what the issue was & where was it left off. And we would be happy to make sure it works.

    You can contact us from our website from the page & provide any of the above mentioned details.

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