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    I haven’t been able to test this much but it’s consistently occurred over a few days. I’ve called the calendar using ‘<?php echo sc_get_events_calendar(“large”, “*”, “month”); ?>’ and navigating the months with the previous and next buttons seems to mess the query up and it won’t display dates that match. Whereas if I instead click the month and select the next month, it’ll show them. These actions are similar in that they display the next month, but one displays events and one does not.

    Also if I select the next month by clicking the dropdown, I can then properly use the previous/next buttons to navigate without any issues. It will show the dates. But only if I begin by selecting a month, not if I initially use these buttons

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  • I’ve also noticed that after clicking ‘next’ and seeing no events, clicking ‘go’ (without changing the date at all, simply clicking ‘go) will then display the events

    Plugin Author John James Jacoby


    Hi there. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Can you confirm for me that you’re using the latest version of Sugar Calendar? I’ll do some testing using the snippet that you’ve shared.

    Also, can you share a bit about the theme that you’re using? (If it’s a child theme, etc…)

    If we found a bug, I’ll make sure it gets fixed right away. 👍

    Yes it is the latest version. I should mention it’s a theme I developed from scratch. The only customisations I’ve done with the plugin is in my theme stylesheet.

    Plugin Author John James Jacoby


    I believe we’ve fixed this issue in the latest releases.

    Thank you for your help.

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