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  • I have two installs of the wordpress system on seperate servers with individual styles. In the style “Blix” i can change the border over the css to red for the actually date. But when i will do this on my other instalation (theme random-image) i cant make the same. In the css is no one point with the border color. I’m tryed to copy the information from the Blixtheme but dident work. Have anyone an idea what i must write in the css of random-image?

    The css file you can find here:

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  • My best guess would be that the CSS is fine, but the “random-image” theme’s calender lacks the code for that style. You would need to insert the proper “class: this-is-today” type attribute in the html of the calendar. Now, I don’t really use the calendar, but I can tell you what I did…

    I wanted it such that if the latest post on my blog was posted the same day, the date should read “Today”, and if not, to display the date. I did this with php:

    <?php $postdate=get_the_time("mdy");
    //what is the date of the post
    //what is today
    if ($postdate==$today) echo "Today";
    else echo the_date('l, F jS') ?></h2>

    You could very similarly apply this to the code of the calendar, by saying something like, “if this date is today, apply “class: wp-calendar-today”. I can’t, unfortunately, give you that exact code.

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