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  • Hi
    I have been researching the wordpress plugins library, and have not exactly found what i am looking for.
    I am trying to find an event registration plugin that works hand in hand with a calendar plugin.
    Basically i have a charity website with an upcoming event on the calendar, and which i want people to reserve tickets in advance .

    So great calendar plugins are available, as are event registration with online payment, but is there one plugin that handles both, or at least 2 plugins that go together as a complete match.

    Not sure if anyone has experience with other cns’s but i’ve worked with joomla, and they have an event registration plugin that works seamlessly with a calendar component.
    Basically if you go to create a new pay for, event, you will see a display of all the upcoming events, you just choose one, fill out the ticket prices for event registration, publish it, and the date and event are highlighted on your calendar.

    i have seen a plugin called “Booking Calendar” but i think its very basic, and is quite costly for my needs.

    Any other ideas, i would be so grateful

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  • You need to check Booking Calendar Hotel Edition version (only this version have posibility for events registration as many other features), not a Standard version. You can view a live demo of this version here (Client side Admin Panel )

    to be honest, i have seen the booking calendar plugin,
    but i am not very impressed by it,
    it looks primarily written for hotel management, though obviously can be used for other things, with modifications.
    But the cost is extremely prohibitive, bearing in mind that on top of everything i’ll still have to pay for customization.
    An equivalent in the joomla world cost me around $60, with no further customization necessary

    In general, its already have inside all functionality, which you are need. But if cost is high, you can search some other sollutions of course.

    well put simply, in a product like joomla, you get the Jevents – which is calendar/schedules for free, and you can purchase a booking component called DT Register, for $70.
    I’ve used that product, and had a look at the booking calendar demo (wordpress)and the DT Register is way more sophisticated and customizable.

    I cannot even compare the 2, they are so far apart, The booking calendar is written heavily for hotel use, and a lot of work has to go into it, to adapt it for something else.
    The price is the final straw though, it makes it illogical.

    That is why i was looking for something else

    I will check that product also, thank you for notice it.

    i did not realize you were the creator of the booking plugin,
    but yes, the dt register is a very good product

    Hello Einfal,
    Yes right. I am checked that solution, it’s more special, only event based system. So that’s why it tunes to the events. Booking Calendar is more “wide” booking systems, because of have much more functionality. But thank you anyhow.

    i am sorry, but i dont see it your way, on the contrary , i see the dt register as being much more open

    How do you see yours as more open?

    I mean more flexible and much more functionality for apply it to diferent situation. Anyhow, if you think that software is more suit for you, you can use it, of course, or some other. I am just trying, to show you some features and functionality, which you may not see at the Booking Calendar. As I am said before, that one software is exactly developed for events, Booking Calendar have more functionality. not only events, thats why I am said: it have more “wide” booking system. Sorry, if previos message was unclear.


    Sorry to resurrect this post, but I find myself in the same boat. I am looking for a ‘DT Register’ for Word Press.

    Does anybod have a solution or some direction on this?




    Me too! That is, I’m looking for an event management/booking system for WordPress of the same sophistication as DT Register.

    Any other suggestions or experiences to share?

    Thank you.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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