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Calendar dont work on front end page

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  • I am using BuddyPress with default theme , if it will help

    Hi Grigiri,

    Please share your site URL.

    We will investigate your issue ASAP.


    Site is not available from outside, sorry…on local in server

    So, what will be possible way to solve out you issue?

    Suggestion: You can send us your theme + plugins list you installed & using with Appointment Calendar.

    If possible, then you could send us at: ankit [at] appointzilla [dot] com

    Also send a issue snap with it.


    I am interested in getting the Pro version but I am testing the free version have same problem. Here are errors I get from chrome console:
    Uncaught ReferenceError: s_jan is not defined calendar.js:417
    GET http://xxx/wp-content/plugins/appointment-calendar/menu-pages/fullcalendar-assets/css/fullcalendar.print.css 404 (Not Found) appointment.html:221

    Hi Raming,

    Try the Ver 2.6.2.

    Download it from WordPress SVN repository: here

    And let me know if its work.

    Thanks & Greetings
    Frank Faraz

    Thanks Frank for quick reply,
    -I removed and deleted the version that had installed from wordpress plugin site
    -I downloaded 2.6.2 version
    -cleared the browser cache (I am using chrome for testing)
    -loaded the page with calendar

    I still get the fullcalendar.print.css not found error.
    Also I tried to set a new schedule (on the front end), when I try to select a day from the popup calendar, it always shows 2013/12/31 as the selected date and not the day I select, and when I go to next page I am unable to select any of the available hours, so from then on I can’t really continue since no hours can be selected.


    Mail us at – ankit [at] appointzilla [dot] com, we will send you an updated version of 2.6.1.


    I am having the same problem, cannot view the calendar front end. however It seems to be working, using Chromes inspect element I can get the popup to show when removing display:none; and I can interactive with it. So not sure whats going on. Works fine in the admin area. Considering to use this as Pro and just testing it out on:


    Did the solution above solve the problem for the other user?

    Plugin Author a.ankit



    It seems that there is a CSS confl;ict which prevents calendar from displaying on the froint end.

    Can you tell me the theme which you are using.


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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