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    Hi there,

    I recently updated to the latest version of the events calendar, and now it’s interfering with the slider on my homepage. I had to disable the plug-in in order for the homepage slider to show – and I never had this problem in the older version. Any idea why this might be happening, or how I can fix it? I really enjoy the plug-in and would love to be able to keep it on the site. I tried rolling back to one previous version- 2.0.9 – and that didn’t fix it. I must have been running an even older version.

    Site is


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  • I’m having the same problem with my site . Oddly enough, the slider still works on a mirrored site at It is also working for another site that uses our same template Event Calendar at http:// .

    Would SINCERELY appreciate some help!

    You need to roll back to the 2.0.9 version, im having the same problem, i fixed it this way before but it got updated again, just looking for the link to 2.0.9 now…

    try 2.0.8 if 9 dont work

    I have a similar problem. I upgraded and lost the entire content on the web page. I don’t know how to fix it. If you can help with a step-by-step direction I would be really thankful.. I am totally new to this.

    Thanks tomfrom! VERY appreciated!

    rolling back to 2.0.9 didn’t work for me, however, 2.0.8 did. very much appreciate the help!

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    Modern Tribe Support

    Hey guys. Just a heads up on this, since reverting to previous versions is unideal (due to the fact that we cannot support pre-2.0.10 builds, and because those earlier versions are less stable than the current release): this is very likely a byproduct of a jQuery conflict. We’ve had a few reports of this and it’s due to the fact that we updated the jQuery used in 2.0.10 so that it was current and compliant with WP’s standards.

    As a result, certain themes/sites that aren’t running the latest jQuery saw things break. When I just checked the version of jQuery running on your site there, ArchiBish, it is 1.5.2; since The Events Calendar uses whatever version of jQuery ships with WP (as of 3.5, this is at least 1.7.2), any site running below 1.7.2 is going to encounter problems. It looks like in your case either your theme or another plugin is swapping the default jQuery for some older version, which is leading to these display problems. My guess is the rest of you are in the same boat.

    Sorry I couldn’t offer up more. If you can find out what the conflict is caused by, I would definitely encourage updating so that you can run the latest 2.0.10 release (which includes a number of stability improvements over 2.0.9). If you have any other questions I can answer to help ease that, please do let us know.

    VERY good to know.
    Thanks so much for your help with this!

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    Modern Tribe Support

    Glad to be of service! Thank YOU, ArchiBish, for your use of The Events Calendar. I really appreciate it and I know the whole team does, too. If we can do anything else for you down the road just let us know.

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