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  • Thanks!

    It could be the theme squashing the column. Have you checked your browser console to see what’s causing it? Can you link to your site?

    I used developer tools in Chrome to try to identify an area to tweak, but I’m afraid that this is beyond my experience. My front-end calendar is located at and the back-end displays with all columns equal as it should. The theme I’m using is NomNom, a 2011 child theme. Thank you again!

    This had me really confused, finally found what was happening…

    The calendar sits inside a div, and this had width 100%, but the calendar itself (a table) wasn’t being displayed at full width (you can see that the ‘header’ of the calendar (title, navigation etc) was extending further than the calendar.

    The reason was that your theme was restricting the width of the calendar, causing the last column was being squashed.

    In particular, in wps.css the following is causing problems.

    .entry-content table {
         width: auto!important;

    Note that your site is using a minified copy so you will need to update that too.

    Removing the !important should fix it (its a bad idea for a theme to do that anyway). Else you try the following

    .eo-fullcalendar table{
         width: 100%!important;

    (Editing it in my browser console resolves this anyhow).

    Wow, you are a great developer providing this kind of support for a free plugin; I would have never figured that out! I removed the !important declaration from wps.css and the minified copy as you suggested and that cleared the issue right up! I also notified the author of the plugin those style sheets belong to and made him aware of the issue. Do you accept PayPal donations? Thank you so much for your help!

    Glad its working for you now :). And thank you! (I do – – many thanks! ).

    Perfect, just sent a little something your way, thanks again!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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