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  • I’ve been looking for a good photoblog system. I’m looking for one that allows me to upload a photo or photos every day + some text.
    After posting for a bit, the calendar on the side of the page would display a thumbnail of the first photo on the page for each day in which there was a posting… Clicking on an image would take you to that day.
    Something like this:
    Is this possible with wordpress?

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  • hmmm… but is there a way to make thumbnails on the fly? php?

    This should be out in the next version of WP I think… In my opinions, though, I’d rather make thumbnails in Photoshop because you have the control to make them look good — color balance, sharpening, etc. When code makes thumbnails, it can’t “see” how they come out. I don’t know I’m old-school that way!

    Well in an ideal world we would have the option to control it (if there is no thumbnail, one is created), but auto thumbnail creation would be one of the things that would make this kind of navigation for a photoblog work.
    The idea is to take a lot of the headaches out of photoblogging so it is just as easy as regular blogging. Creating thumbnails is one of those headaches. Ideally we could just throw photos in a folder link to them in a blog and everything would just “work”.
    The other idea is to present lots of information in a very easy to navigate way. A calendar with embedded photos potentially holds tons of info in a way that is trivial to navigate. It also gives you an extra field of information (time) for free.

    I’m working on my own WP-based photoblog… I haven’t perfected it yet, but basically each photo is an entry, and the excerpt stores the path to the photo. You can see it in action at In Worten und Bildern.

    Here’s my take on it that’s finally more or less fit for public consumption.
    Photo Calendar v0.1 addon module for WordPress 1.01 or greater.
    Enjoy. 🙂

    KAShirow, any online examples ?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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