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  • I love the plugin, and it’s exactly what I was looking for so I’m SO frustrated at one minor bug that makes it unusable for me. When you click on a date in the calendar, no matter what day you click on, the “appointment date” box always shows the day before. I cannot use this plugin if customers think they are booking for wednesday but it winds up booking them for tuesday. Please help.

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  • You can see what the problem is at, please help. This plugin is so perfect but I can’t justify paying for the premium version when I can’t get the proper dates to show up upon date selection.

    Plugin Contributor FARAZFRANK


    I tested your appointment calendar, its working perfect.

    I just double checked and it’s still not working. When you click the 27th on the calendar, the “your appointment date” box comes uo as the 26th. Any date you click on, the “your appointment date” box shows the day before. I just double checked in the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari and it does it in all of them. Can you please look again, because it definitely is working perfectly and this issue is the one thing keeping me from dropping the money on the premium version.

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    Hi Dereckgbarker,

    I have checked again its working perfect. Here the snap:

    In Firefox

    In Chrome


    Well this is very bizarre then. I pulled up the page on every web-capable device I own and the only one it worked properly is my phone.

    Screenshot – HTC EVO Smartphone

    I tried on my Macbook, PC, tablet, and even my X-Box just for good measure. I still picked the wrong date on all those devices.

    Screenshot – Macbook with Safari
    Screenshot – Windows 7 with IE9
    Screenshot – Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with Chrome
    Screenshot – IE for X-Box 360

    FYI, it’s only on the page where there shortcode is written. Setting an appointing from the admin dashboard gives the correct date.

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    Hi Dereckgbarker,

    Thanks for all feedback. Investigation going on, back to you soon with responsive design for all devices.

    i have this same issue

    the weird thing is that this issue JUST started to happen to me today.

    As of derecks. As im going through your site, I am also seeing the same issue. Idk how you(Frank) see it on the correct date.

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    Hi Guys,

    At this time mobile shortcode [APCAL_MOBILE] working perfect on Chrome, Firefox with some of mobile or tabs.

    We have no tested on most of devices like Macbook, Galaxy Tab, X-Box 360 with IE or Safari and IE also messing many things you know very well.

    But i appreciate you guys, for supporting and reporting us.

    We are working on a good responsive mobile shortcode which will be compatible on most of device and browser too.

    Thanks for all.

    Those devices I put in to demonstrate variety, I have not gotten it to function on a single browser (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox) on two different Windows 7 laptops and a Windows 7 desktop. Obviously I don’t expect it to work with everything, but I reiterate that it does not work with either firefox or chrome on at least three different computers I am running. Also, it’s not just the mobile shortcode. If I use the [APCAL] shortcode it also picks the wrong dates (once again, on every browser I try except mobile including three Windows 7 computers). I can show more screenshots if necessary. I loved the plugin but I cannot buy a premium plugin when the basic version will not function properly.

    I think dereck summed it up pretty well. I use chrome and IE and ff. I tried all three and another computer as well. It still didnt work. I am also using [apcal] as shortcode. I love this plugin besides the fact that the date part isnt working correctly.

    Han, have you tried on a smartphone at all? The plugin only picked the correct date when my girlfriend and I pulled the site up on our smartphones, those are the only devices we’ve been able to use it properly on. Obviously I can’t have customers booking appointments for the wrong day though so until I figure out why it works for Frank and not for myself I can’t very well use it on a commercial website.

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    That is really strange.

    @derek.. is it possible for you to create a screencast?

    Date Picker is working fine at our end… Also can you list the plugins and the theme which you are using…


    hm. I just tried it on my iphone and im still having the same issue. Im not sure if its because I didnt change the shortcode to [apcal_mobile] before checking on my mobile but its still doesnt work. Exactly. My website is also used for my clients. Its a private site so i find no need on posting it up here but I will be putting up a screenshot.

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