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    Can you be more specific about your question? Have you already established a calendar page with the rsvpmaker_upcoming shortcode? Have you looked at the documentation?

    If you have created new events and they’re not showing up, make sure you set the date properly (in the future). If the date is in a future month, check the parameters set on the rsvpmaker_upcoming shortcode (which you can do through the visual editor) to make sure the limit on how many weeks of events to display at once isn’t causing confusion. The default is to show 4 weeks at a time, which makes sense for busy calendars but may cause confusion if you just have one or two events that are months in the future.

    I have checked the documentation.

    The problem is that the shortcodes are simply displaying on the draft/saved page below the empty calendar rather displaying their content. It appears that shortcodes aren’t enabled…

    Plugin Author davidfcarr


    Care to share a link to an example?

    What it should look like:

    or an events listing with no calendar grid

    Here’s what I see:

    The shortcode source appears rather than the returned data. This happens with [youtube https:xxxxx] too. But youtube https:xxxxx without the brackets returns that video correctly.

    Plugin Author davidfcarr


    Best guess: a conflict with your theme or another plugin that is preventing shortcodes from being processed correctly. The fact that you are also having trouble with other shortcodes supports that interpretation.

    Difficult for me to debug beyond that

    I reverted to the Twenty Seventeen theme, deleted all pages inside and outside RSVPMaker, deleted RSVPMaker, reinstalled RSVPMaker choosing the Create Calendar Page option.

    In Dashboard/Pages I see one page “Calendar” and that page has the calendar icon on the editing toolbar.

    Following your tutorial in Dashboard/RSVP Events/Add New I see the page “Add New RSVP Event” I don’t see the calendar icon on the editing toolbar as I do in your tutorial.

    I assume the new page is not linked to the calendar, otherwise I would see the calendar icon.

    Hi David,

    I chipped in $10 on your donation page in the hope my problem might be advanced on your to-do list.

    Would it help diagnose my problem if I gave you admin access to my website?

    Plugin Author davidfcarr


    Sorry not to respond more quickly.

    To clarify one issue: the calendar icon shows up on the button bar when you are editing a page or a blog post, NOT when you are editing an rsvpmaker event. That button is used to assist with adding the [rsvpmaker_upcoming] shortcode and its parameters, which generates the listing of events within a page. You do not want that code to be included in the body of an event post — that could result in an infinite loop.

    Editing an event post is supposed to be more or less like editing a blog post, except that you specify the event date and can add parameters for collecting RSVPs.

    The administrators have advised me not to log into other people’s websites as part of free support, although I appreciate the donation. If you really need to pull me in as a consultant, that’s different. But maybe the info above will help you get on track.

    So how do I associate a page create in RSVPMaker with my calendar?

    I’m using Appearance/Menu where I see on the left RSVPMaker events but it is blank with no indication of how to put my RSVPMaker event in there as a reference.

    Plugin Author davidfcarr


    Not at all.

    I have only 2 pages: WordPress/Pages/Calendar and RSVPEvent/Test

    I still don’t know how to associate the Test RSVPEvent with the Calendar.

    Plugin Author davidfcarr


    There is no separate step to associate the event post with the calendar.

    Let’s try this. If we can agree on a time to meet today or Monday, I’ll connect with you in an online video meeting / screen sharing session so I can figure out what is tripping you up.

    You can schedule with me here

    I am away for the weekend with only my Android tablet but I can access my site in Dashboard mode. I’m not familiar with the interface but I can muddle through.

    Or should we wait until Thursday next week?

    Plugin Author davidfcarr


    Please grab a time on my calendar for Thursday so we can do it right.

    I found a Win 10 mc here so I can do Monday. I’ll schedule it.

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