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  • OK, since I downloaded and unzipped this file, I’ve had major windows directory browsing issues… if I navigate to this folder, my windows explorer crashes (not the web browser, the system browser).

    It crashes, yet I can call up the task mgr and kill the calendar folder and all goes back to normal.

    Could a plugin DO that? I’m not that experienced with messing about with the windows (xp) system, but I tried opening other folders at the same level in the plugins folder and they DID NOT cause the problem.

    Anyone else having the problem?
    Anyone have any ideas about why this might be happening or waht to do about it?

    I really would like some sort of calendar that displays FUTURE events and links to a page to display the details about it.

    Anyone know of a plugin like that?

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  • eventscalendar has messed up the category template for that category which is a bit annoying for me.. I’d like another events listing but there doesn’t seem to be one.

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