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  • Hi LaMonte,
    i think this will complete this great plugin.

    i have to ask you some thing important in soccer is the “fixtures” for all the matches
    with a click on must open all the matches with all results
    it’s template with all matches, dates, time with class of “home team”
    maybe without logo.

    what do you think ???

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  • Plugin Author LaMonte Forthun


    Good idea, something to look into, can you draft the idea with proposed look (include an example if possible), so it can be considered?

    Thank you!

    look at this
    down in the sidebar click on:
    Calendario 2012-2013

    you can include it in the same code [matches league_id=ID]

    Plugin Author LaMonte Forthun


    That’s a template that would have to be built, but yes, could be done…

    I’d be very interested in a calendar as well! Love the plugin!!!

    Plugin Author LaMonte Forthun


    @intellicents, do you have a specific need for the calendar? Did you look at the link @ben52 provided to see if that’s what you need as well?

    I can’t and don’t take any credit for the plugin, but hope we can all continue to make it better and better. Any and all ideas are welcome. No promises, other than to consider the idea and go from there!

    a template for all the matches (played or to play) inside a table with
    with 4 colons
    <th class=’match-day’ colspan=”4″ style=”font-size:15px”>
    <th class=’date’><?php _e( ‘Data’, ‘leaguemanager’ ) ?></th>
    <th class=’match’><?php _e( ‘Partita’, ‘leaguemanager’ ) ?></th>
    <th class=’location’><?php _e( ‘luogo’, ‘leaguemanager’ ) ?></th>
    <th class=’score’><?php _e( ‘Ris.’, ‘leaguemanager’ ) ?></th>

    class= alternate
    class= home-team (all the tr color and bold)
    and a class for match_day (all the tr color and bold)

    this can be included in templates: matches php, standings ext php
    when click the button the calendar shows:
    <input type=’submit’ value='<?php _e(‘calendar’) ?>’ />


    We do have a specific need for the calendar. It’s a super way for our parents to be able to see which games they have coming up.

    More than anything tho, a widget (Almost like what you have) that would show upcoming games. Something that would show games being played today and games being played tomorrow.

    I like the existing widget, but seeing a list of games would be better. Something we could place right on the front page of the site. I hope I’ve explained it well enough.

    Plugin Author LaMonte Forthun


    You can do the list of games using the shortcode for matches:

    [matches league_id=YOURID template=YOURTEMPLATE]

    You can limit the matches to a team if you are building team pages by adding team=TEAMID

    Or do you still need a widget?

    Let me try it like this first. This might work better than a widget. The only bad thing about a widget showing on every page would be the amount of SQL queries.

    Apparently my parents, coaches and players want an actual calendar so they can have a quick glance at what games are being played that day.

    How difficult would this be to do?

    Plugin Author LaMonte Forthun


    It’s some PHP, not hugely difficult, the problem will be having the real estate on your page to put down a wide vs. tall calendar. If I remember your pages, you’ve got probably 800px wide to work with, yes? it can be done, but it’ll be ugly in my opinion.

    You could do a page that’s for print only though, have the vertical calendar with a ‘Print for Frig…’ option (or something similar), where the calendar for that team or the league is formatted to a letter size calendar landscaped.

    Best of both worlds? How difficult? I don’t think too much, but it would involve some code.

    I would rather give them ugly and let them deal with it. (I could change the font to xsmall). The option would always be there to let it open in a pop up (Print only, like you were saying) window.

    I think this is a pretty important feature.

    If all else, I wouldn’t mind seeing an option for having a page that simple listed today’s games and a link for tomorrow’s games. A drop down for a specific date would also work nice.

    I need to get your email address LaMonte.

    Plugin Author LaMonte Forthun


    lamontef (@) yahoo (.) com

    That’s the best for me right now, my email server has been rejecting everything ever since an update a couple of days ago (which is one of the reasons I haven’t gotten you your code for the standings yet, I’m in a bit of a panic situation trying to resolve the email issue…)

    No rush, Brother!

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