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  • gayle1


    I am using this on two sites and on both of them, when I type in the correct answer I get the message that the value is incorrect. Advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • vasselo


    Am having huge problems with this capcha. i know it is meant to stop bots but the design is meant to be easy for the human brain to figure out. if it was a straight sum it would be easy and your picture of the capcha shows a simple sum which is far from reality.
    when its displayed the puzzle is normally at an angle so the first problem you get is the operater. is it a plus meaning add or is it an X which would be multiply. then you get the figures the 7 and 1 look identical so its a guess which one it is. Then you try to figure out if you ignore the outer figures which may be lines meant to fool bots
    All in all i get it wrong more often than i get it right and that cant be right

    why is there no feedback to tell us what the correct answer should be or a practice capcha on this site to get used to whats expected

    all in all i hate it everytime i see it at the moment, Even googles capcha is easier i get that righ much more often
    and what about disabled people who have a visual handicap or colour blindness you have made no adaption for them. surely that is discrimination.

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