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  • hello

    I helpng a friend of mine to manage his calculation form in gravityforms.
    But i´m stuck now.

    You can order T-shirts based on the Quantity.
    each Quantity has hes own price.

    Quantity 1-24, print color 1 cost 22,50
    Quantity 1-24, print color 2 cost 27,50
    Quantity 25-49, print color 1 cost 17,50

    and so on.

    I try this one :
    (({Quantity::16} / 1) * ({Quantity::16}/ 24)) * 22.50

    And it doesent work 🙁

    Is there any one that can help me, I have bin stuck now for 2 days.


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  • My GP Conditional Pricing can do this. It is an add-on for Gravity Forms available with the Gravity Perks plugin:

    GP Conditional Pricing

    I don’t know of an alternative that doesn’t require custom code.

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