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  • Good evening,

    Thanks to the devs for a great e-commerce platform!

    I ran into a tiny but legally significant issue:

    Here in Finland the VAT of a purchase is added to the combination of the product price + the shipping price. Additionally, we have various VAT bases.

    Should I want to sell a product costing 10 € ( incl. VAT 24 %) with a shipping cost of 5 € (incl. VAT 24 %), the VAT of the sale would be (15 € / 1,24 * 0,24)= 2,90 €.

    My intention and will would be to set a fixed shipping cost from which the VAT or VATs would be calculated from. As of now WooCommerce calculates it, depenging on the shipping VAT option, only from the product price (shipping not VAT-taxable) OR adds the VAT 24 % on top of the fixed 5 € shipping sum (raising the shipping cost to 6,20 € incl. VAT).

    The problem is that there’s no option to set a fixed sum/sums from which a VAT sum/sums would be calculated. This is even more important when ordering products with various VAT-bases (i.e. ordering a product with VAT24% and a product with VAT10%).

    Any help or guidance, please?


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  • So essentially what I’m asking is that is there an option to specify an VAT inclusive shipping cost, from which the VATs would then be calculated?

    Moreover, I found that while having a table-rate fixed shipping of e.g. 10 €, taxable, it will not calculate the VAT if I have 2 or more products of different VAT bases in the cart. It just shows up as 10 €, compared to if I have products of a single VAT base, when it e.g. displays it as 12,40 €.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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