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  • Hi!

    I’m trying to figure out how to create a form-calculator where customers can see an estimated price for cleaning services that is specific to the size of their house. It should be adjusted for the following prices (kr=swedish currency):

    0 < 30 sqm: 1600 kr
    31 < 49 sqm: 1900 kr
    50 < 59 sqm: 2100 kr
    60 < 99 sqm: 35 kr / sqm
    100 < 129 sqm: 33 kr / sqm
    130 < 300 sqm: 30 kr / sqm

    I’ve figured out how to adjust the prices for sqm between 60-300 with the following example of my conditionals:

    Action: set factor
    Target element: *numbers element*
    TV: 30
    CO: Between
    Compare Value: 130:300

    That part i working great, but where i struggle is the first three static pricelevels. I currently have the following conditionals:

    Action: set
    Target element: *numbers element where customer types in sqm*
    TV: 1600
    CO: between
    Compare Value: 1:30

    It technically works, as long as the customer doesn’t change the value. Because once the a static price has been set it cant be changed to the prices between 60<300 sqm (the other way around doesn’t work either), instead it’s stuck at 2100 kr (and visually the estimated price for the static pricelevels is weirdly small).

    If I could get some help with this it would be greatly appreciated!

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