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  1. hamilton33
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I have 10 multisites, each with 20-50 sites in sib-directories.

    Although they are on a VPS account, the server is getting taxed pretty hard.

    The content of the sites doesn't change, so I think it's a great candidate for a caching option, but it's not clear what my best option is. (W3 Total Cache? WP Super Cache? pros/cons?)

    My specific question: in my situation, is there a clear choice, knowing I'm not skilled in the caching world (not even sure if it's pronounced "caishing" or "cashing" :)), and is there an up to date guide on recommended settings for multisite?

    Or.. is there a professional you could recommend to look at my setup and make recommendations?

    Thanks for any thoughts.

  2. On a VPS, I would look into server side caching first. Using ZendOptimizer Plus and Memcached will do a lot for your site. W3TC, for plugins, is the most optimized for Multisite, btu again, it goes way further with the server side stuff.

    (It's generally said "cashing" like "I'm cashing a check ....")

  3. hamilton33
    Posted 2 years ago #


    Thank you for the multisite (and linguistic) recommendations. Very appreciated.

    I'm realizing I need help getting a handle on my multisites- things like caching, backups, security.

    Do you- or anyone else- know of experts who I can hire to help me make good decisions with these sites?

    Example- I've been Googl'ing for "multisite caching", and a lot of articles say W3TC is not compatible with multisite.. but then those articles are a year or two old. Just need to find the best path forward.


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