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    Since upgrading to 3.0.4, I’ve had sporadic issues. Now, I can’t get the site to load at all – wp-admin, main page, nothing.

    Server logs show wp_cache_init errors on each page load; e.g.,
    2011/01/03 01:02:40 [error] 13253#0: *1757 FastCGI sent in stderr: “PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_cache_init() in /home/noise/wp-includes/load.php on line 378” while reading response header from upstream, client:, server:, request: “GET / HTTP/1.1”, upstream: “fastcgi://unix:/dev/shm/php-fastcgi.sock:”, host: “”, referrer: “”

    I’m running nginx + APC.

    I have tried disabling the MySQL query cache and APC caching temporarily to see if those were somehow conflicting (based on previous comments) — nothing.

    Also, I tried doing a clean install of WP in a separate directory and switching to that. That fixed everything — for about fifteen minutes, and then the problem resurfaced (which *really* says to me there’s a caching problem!)

    I would think that disabling the WP cache would resolve the issue, right? Shouldn’t I be able to choose —

    define(‘WP_CACHE’, false);

    — in wp-config.php?

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  • FYI, to avoid conflicts, I have temporarily disabled both MySQL query cache (my.cnf — set query cache size to 0) and APC (disabled the module in php.ini)…

    So that still seems to me that it’s WP’s internal cache; why else would I be getting wp_cache_init() called at all?

    Correction —
    Restarting php-fpm appears to, at least temporarily, correct the problem. I think maybe my APC setting didn’t conflict before?

    I’ve seen APC issues boil down to one or two lines of code. Is there a simple diff WP devs maintain for 3.0.4 so I can see if I can track down a change that could possibly have triggered (or worsened the symptoms of) one of these APC wrinkles? I know WP users have been bitten by APC before(!)

    I can confirm that the older version of APC, 3.0.16, can cause this issue. It appears that it either surfaced out of the blue or, more likely, as a result of a change to a file in the WP 3.0.4 upgrade. I consider the issue resolved, but will investigate what specific change may have cause the problem and if the newer build of APC is compatible.

    For anyone having the issue, additional notes that may be useful:
    1. Look for apc.php, and move it to a web-served directory, in order to check the active version (and other helpful info).
    2. You’ll find the apc enable flag in php.ini to disable it.
    3. If you’re using php-fpm as I am, you need to restart the php-fpm daemon in order for the module to fully deactivate. (easy to forget to do!)

    It seems that other people are having issues with APC not fully updating.

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