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  • Has anyone else experienced that their cache plugins actually slow their site down more than deactivating them all together? I recently upgraded to WordPress 3.3 and the plugin I’m using is W3 Total Cache. I noticed that it took a considerable amount of time to navigate through my pages and admin panel. Then I deactivated the plugin and things sped up more than 2x. Whether it’s just because 3.3 is so new, or it was just cause my own configurations, I just wanted to see if other people noticed this as well.

    Also this is my first time posting on the forums so I’m seeing what kind of response this might get.

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  • You know, I noticed the same thing. I didn’t think it would be W3, but it’s possible. I haven’t disabled it, but browsing sure is slow.

    Hey Thanks for the response Avid. You’ve helped me successfully achieve my first forum post!

    Have a great rest of your day:)

    Check your PHP memory limit. I had a dead slow admin panel until I figured out that I needed much more memory for running it.

    You get errors in Apache or PHP logs, but none in the admin panel.

    Have a look at Increase WordPress Memory Limit. If you make changes, don’t forget to restart Apache.

    I’ve never even thought of that, but I will give it a try. Thanks alot!

    I think it also depends on your server configuration and the W3TC caching settings.

    I had one site that was definitely slower with APC caching enabled — I spoke to my host and got their recommended W3TC settings and switched the site to disk caching and it fixed the issue. I then switched a few other sites on the same server over to disk caching and saw speed increases there too (even where there were gains before).

    I think you’ll have to spend some time and experiment.

    W3TC uses a 32 MB APC cache if you use the recommended settings. (See: …/w3-total-cache/ini/apc.ini)

    If you run Apache mpm prefork with N processes (have a look at the MaxClients setting in your apache conf), the used opcode caching memory is N times 32 MB in addition to the normal Apache memory usage.

    I use disk caching for pages and minify and APC opcode caching for database and object caching, which is 4x faster than opcode caching for everything. Having more plugins than I probably should, I need 128 MB opcode cache to not run into APC memory problems. Reducing the TTL of objects in the APC cache would help.

    Thanks for the replies. I’m going to see what I can do. Currently my site is hosted with godaddy and I found that godaddy’s shared sites + wordpress = slow websites. I moved over to bluehost, but have to wait 2 weeks til I can move my domain. I’ll be checking the settings on both servers in the meantime.

    Move away from godaddy. That’s your problem. I did and have never looked back. Their hosting sucks and is only for the most un-informed people.

    You can check the amount of memory used for the admin panel with the wp-memory-usage plugin if you want to get an idea about where the slowness comes from.

    @coffeemick, those aren’t recommended settings those are a starting point.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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