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    Is there a way for me to submit the requested system status in a private message that doesn’t display all of our server information? I also have a link to a video showing the issue, but do not wish to provide public access to a link that goes to my Google Drive.

    Plugin Contributor Thomas Patrick Levy



    We are currently experiencing an issue where our users are required to refresh the page to see the correct content.

    I have verified that the pages are not cached, and that anything under the LMS section of our website is not included in the caching system we use.

    My guess is that you *don’t* have caching disabled. This is a really really clear sign of caching. If you log in and see a logged out page immediately following hte login and then refresh the page and see the logged in page that means that the first refresh served you a cached version of the page. You can take a look at your site’s cookies immediately following the login and you’ll see that there is a logged in cookie (I promise you). This means that the server is serving cached data.

    Is there a way for me to submit the requested system status in a private message that doesn’t display all of our server information? I also have a link to a video showing the issue, but do not wish to provide public access to a link that goes to my Google Drive.

    We don’t do any email support for free users. Sorry. We’re a small team supported by our add-ons and we provide email support to our users who pay us and support here in the forums for everyone. Grab an add-on or our support product if you’d like premium email support from us:

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    Completely understood, we’re a small team ourselves. I’ve attached a link to a video below for your reference to what is happening:

    Additionally here’s a photo showing that these links in our architecture are not cached:

    You may remember I opened a support request regarding this same issue several months ago, and I have spent several months investigating the issue per your suggestions with a team of developers with no luck. Not sure what we’re missing here.


    Plugin Contributor Thomas Patrick Levy



    Do you guys have any custom code running on this site that may be performing any redirects at all? It’s possible, but seems unlikely, that a redirect could be causing your wp login cookie to *not be set* prior to the page shutdown (and subsequent reload). Although, if that was the case you’d actually have to login again instead of refreshing arbitrary pages. You could check that. If you have a staging site *disable everything other than LifterLMS and switch to 2019* and see if the issue still happens. If it goes away the problem *is not LifterLMS*. If it doesn’t, I’m going to keep telling you it’s a caching problem no matter how many videos or screenshots you send my way.

    I’m not entirely sure what tool this is a screenshot of but based on the video we are 100% dealing with some kind of caching.

    I really hate to be a pain here but I don’t really care *what your tool says* here. The fact that you’re LOGGING IN and then seeing LOGGED OUT DATA means that you’re being served something from the cache.

    After logging in but *Before* navigating anywhere else or refreshing the page open up your dev console (Follow step 3 here:

    Use chrome for these next instructions please because off the top of my head I don’t know what the interface is in other browsers):

    + Click the “Application” tab
    + Click “Cookies” then expand the tree
    + Select your websites domain from the list of domains
    + IN the “name” column in the right-hand main area you should see a cookie that looks like “wordpress_logged_in_{random characters here}”

    Do you see that cookie? If you do, again, this means that the login was successful (which we actually already know since you can just refresh to see the proper content).

    This also then means that we’re not dealing with a problem that LifterLMS can fix for you. We’re dealing with a caching issue.

    LifterLMS *adds* no cache headers where we can but it’s up to your server to obey those.

    I’m sorry that this is frustrating and has gone on for several months but that *really* doesn’t change the fact that LifterLMS *cannot fix a server-level caching issue for you.*

    Have you reached out to your webhost for assistance here in the past few months? Again, no disrespect but caching is complicated. A PHP developer may not be the right person to assist with this. A systems admin / devops person should be helping here. Your webhost has these folks who can help if you don’t have them on your team!

    I know this is a real pain and I’m sure you’re thinking “Thomas is just being lazy” but if there was a way I could write PHP that made all caching issues go away I would have done it by now. I promise you. I cannot fix your caching issues no matter how hard I try. I really can’t.


    Have you manage to solve this problem?
    I guess I am having the same issue. But in my case I can not replicate the problem. Only a few students can not access the courses and refresh the page does not works.
    Still, I suppose we’re having the same problem.
    I already talked to my webhost, but they could not find any problem. I disabled every cache and it was all flushed before disabling it.

    So.. please, if you were able to find the solution, please let me know!
    Thank you,

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    Hi @0rbita

    No solution as of yet, I’m currently working with my hosting company (SiteGround) who only gave a recommendation to a for-hire developer.

    *such a bummer*

    I tried SG optimizer once and it caused some logged-in issues no matter what I exclude from caching and minifying, It’s not a fully mature plugin yet! even tho they said their dynamic cache is better than any other plugin out there.

    I managed to fix things out “the regular way” cleared the cache, disable the plugin and I’m using Wp Rocket instead, it’s a solid plugin with settings for logged in users, but caching/minifying is like an unruly horse that needs to be tamed by excluding files and dispense with other precious options sometimes.

    Hello @lucastraikoff
    Yes, I use SiteGround as well and they told me the same thing.

    @sallory85 I used to use SG optimizer, but I don’t use it anymore. What happened when you’d changed the plugin? Because I am pretty sure even though I start to use WP Rocket I will continue having this issue.

    What I meant to say that SG optimizer is the one that causes you both the issues even after flushing/disabling the caching, I’m no expert when it comes to the server side but taking a look at the .htaccess file worth the effort, As I remember the SG optimizer adds a lot of rules into it, maybe I’m wrong.

    I just noticed that you’re using Divi theme, If you built your course page with Divi builder, Divi has some kind of cache inside its builder, you may need to disable that from the theme options to solve your issue.

    Plugin Contributor Thomas Patrick Levy


    We are currently doing our absolute best to get in touch with a development contact at SiteGround to determine why suddenly everyone on SiteGround is having caching issues with LifterLMS. This does not seem to be a rampant issue with LifterLMS users in general, it appears to be something that’s plaguing SiteGround users specifically and we cannot fix it from our side.

    If you are having issues like this and you’re using SiteGround please contact your host and see if we as the developers can engage with them to resolve this issue for all our shared users.

    As of yet I haven’t had any luck getting any solutions from them. That may change.

    I was just on with Siteground support and showed this to them. They told me you should send email to and ask them to get this to tech support. They said they would transfer it.

    Hope that helps.

    Plugin Contributor Thomas Patrick Levy



    We’re currently working with SiteGround to get this figured out. It’s currently in SiteGround’s court. We’ve provided them with quite a bit of information about what we’ve been learning and we’re waiting to head back. We’re doing our absolute best to figure this out and I believe that they are as well.

    Thanks for your patience. The internet is a wild and complicated place. No one is really at fault here. We’re trying to work together for all of us to have a better experience.

    If you have anything to add please let me know,

    Thanks Thomas!! I appreciate the update.

    Following. Having the same issues with my site.

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