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    Hi there!

    After quite a lot of research, we decided to dump YARPP because of it’s resource weight on our site, and we have decided to use the Related Posts for WordPress in its place.

    So far, so good.

    I downloaded the plugin and installed in on my local copy of the production site and followed along with the instructions that posts now have to be cached.
    But the counter stops at 5% and 116 posts being cached and no amount of waiting will resolve that.

    The only thing I could think of was increasing the PHP memory limit. It was 128 by default on the local machine, so I upped that on 256 – but it did no good too.

    Could you please lend a hand? I saw a post, here on the forums, from a user saying that they were stuck at 51% – it sounds quite similar.

    Best Regards,

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  • Hello, i had the same problem!
    After a few hours of debugging… in my case the problem was that the save words query was returning an error, because of greek characters.
    1. They were not changed to lower case
    2. mysql seemed not to care about accents in the primary field

    To fix this i made some changes in function get_words_of_post at classes/class-related-word-manager.php (line 287)
    $word = strtolower( trim( $word ) ); to
    $word = mb_strtolower( trim( $word ) );
    (this will fix most cases)

    and insert something like this afterwards
    $unwanted_array = array(‘ά’=>’α’, ‘έ’=>’ε’, ‘ή’=>’η’, ‘ί’=>’ι’, ‘ό’=>’ο’, ‘ύ’=>’ύ’, ‘ώ’=>’ώ’, ‘ς’=>’σ’);
    $word = strtr( $word, $unwanted_array );
    to skip accents

    I hope that the developers will include a fix in a future update.

    Hi Tsitsibau!

    Thanks for this!
    Can you please help me out to debug the save function? The caching is probably stuck, because the site is in Bulgarian, and there are probably letters with accents too. But I would like to personally see what’s up in the background.

    Hi Tsitsibau!

    Thanks for this as well! Worked for me too. My site is in Croatian and it also stuck on like 32% of caching on site with 3000+ posts.

    Plugin Author Barry Kooij


    Hey all,

    Thanks a lot for the feedback! I’ll release an update today that contains a change that should fix this!

    Kind Regards,

    Barry Kooij

    Thank you Barry!

    Best regards, Sasha.

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