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  • Hallo nochmal, vielleicht lohnt sich noch ein deutscher Post: Ich habe ein Problem mit der Kmpatibilität von qtranslate und cachify. Wenn ich cachify aktiviere, funktioniert die Umschaltung zwischen den Sprachen nicht mehr. Gibt es dafür einen Lösungsansatz?

    Hi, I may be wrong, but I think this will not work, because qtranslate puts all the translations as commented html into one post – maybe this is why it does not work with cachify (just guessing).

    I tested qtranslate a while ago and I came to the conclusion, that you definitely do not want your content be modified by any plugin – look, all your post content is “qtranslatified” – if you ever want to use the post output for anything else you have to clean the html comments out. If you are just starting with a translation of a website, I definitely recommend to leave your fingers of qtranslate, in the long run you want to keep your post content as clean as possible.

    I think it is a general very stupid design decision to put translations as html comments into the post itself – separate posts for each translation is much better.

    I have good results with wpml, cachify also works with this. wpml is much better than qtranslate, still not perfect, but really miles ahead. However, you will need cachify for wpml, as it makes the site really slow with tons of sql queries.

    God Luck!

    Hi Bughunter,

    actually, I’m only using qtranslate for the language switch, everything else is done by custom fields created with Advanced Custom Fields. I make, for example, two fields, one is called “Description German” and the other is called “Description English” and then in the frontend, I fetch the right custom field depending on the currently active language.

    I would be happy to have an even simpler plugin that would only provide the rewrite rules and related language switching functionality. I also tried wpml once, but it was way too heavy for my needs. I might, at some point, start to develop my own solution, but for that it would be great to understand, why cachify is disregarding the language switch in qtranslate…


    Das kommt auf das Plugin an. Wenn sich die Sprachversionen in der URL nicht unterscheiden, wie soll Cachify sie denn unterscheiden? Für Cachify ist die URL der Key für den Cache-Ort einer Blogseite. Ohne eindeutige Permalinks kann auch keinerlei Differenzierung erfolgen.

    Bis dann,

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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