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  • Hi all,

    I have stumbled across a problem that occurred after an auto-upgrade to 2.8.4.

    In short, wordpress isn’t writing changes I make to theme files on the theme editor, but it is caching those changes somewhere.

    For instance…

    I add the word “blah” to my header.php from a remote location, and press (Update File). WordPress happily announces “File edited successfully”.

    But, if I refresh the page, “blah” is not present. If I check out header.php on the server, the changes have not been written to the file.

    But, and here’s the weird thing, if I go to wp-admin on the local server (yay for VNC) and check out the theme file there, “blah” is present on header.php.

    This means, the changes are being saved in WordPress someplace, but are not being written to the file on the server.

    Any ideas?

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  • Just to confirm…

    Changes made to header.php using wp-admin on the local server, are immediately visable from a remote machine also using wp-admin.

    But the changes are not written to the actual header.php file. So where on earth is WordPress storing the changes, to allow them to be visable on a remote machine, without actually changing the contents of the local copy of header.php?

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