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  • I looked inside the cached CSS file and I could see the fonts:

    Cached Fonts

    But the protocol is missing. I assume it’s added dynamically in your code???

    How do I change from HTTP to HTTPS?


    Plugin Author Sunny Lal


    Hi @lordliverpool,

    We can add an SSL certificate for you on our end. If you have our hosted calendar, please login to your Timely account and submit a ticket via the “Get Help” link, requesting for an SSL certificate.


    I already have SSL certificates installed. One per domain on my server.
    Sorry I don’t understand what you mean? Can you please elaborate??

    Would uninstalling and reinstalling your plugin fix the HTTPS issue for the fonts?
    Or is HTTP hardcoded in your plugin?

    Your plugin is the only thing remaining that’s preventing my domain validating as HTTPS compliant. So it would be great to resolve this.

    Best Regards.

    Plugin Author Sunny Lal


    Hi @lordliverpool,

    We add SSL certificates for our hosted calendars. In this case, you’ve clarified that you are using the plugin, so disregard that.

    Our plugin loads fully secure in https protocol — so if you detect that soemthing isn’t fully secure, I recommend reinstalling our calendar plugin to resolve this.

    Instructions to re-install manually:

    – Backup your current events by scrolling down to the bottom of your calendar and click on the [Subscribe] button, then click on “Add to Timely Calendar” and download the events file (download.ics).
    – Perform a complete back up of your database before proceeding further
    – Delete the file uninstall.php from the plugin directory that is currently on the server (found under /wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar). Deleting this file ensures that when you uninstall the current version of the plugin, your event data and calendar settings will be preserved when you delete the plugin (don’t skip this step – it’s important!)
    – Deactivate the All-in-One Event Calendar using your WordPress Dashboard.
    – Delete the All-in-One Event Calendar using your WordPress Dashboard.
    – Database -> wp_options, click option_name to sort and delete everything with ai1ec_, this will delete plugin settings but events will remain in the database.
    – Now install the latest version.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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