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  • Hi Emre,

    First of all I hope you are enjoying your short time off!
    Now, a suggestion/feature request when you’ll come back!

    I did asked you before about Cache Timeout option, and I agree the in most of the cases its not needed and best to left not used, BUT…
    Occasionally looks like we do need it, so please keep it in options!

    On my latest project, a website for hotel, we have a booking engine integrated in it, and ‘booking search box’ script is being pulled from the booking engine server using:

    <?php readfile(""); ?>

    Now, this box includes a date picker in it which by default shows todays date as a starting point. The problem is that when I’m caching the website using your plugin (and most likely any other) this script is not being read every time someone visits website, so it shows last time cached version of the ‘booking search box’ resulting in failing result when someone simply clicks ‘BOOK NOW!’ without changing the date, booking engine says ‘You have picked up a date in the past… please correct’ or similar.

    I doubt there would be a way to not cache only a specific element of the page, in this case a div in which ‘booking search box is in’ or by adding some code to the mentioned php code that would force refreshing this part of the page each time – please correct me if I’m wrong and there’s other solution for it.

    So, the best solution for it is to use ‘Cache Timeout’ option to force clearing the cache at least once a day, preferably in night time – to force refreshing of that damn ‘booking search box’ datepicker.

    NOW, my feature request would be a add options to set the ‘reset cache’ time manually, to specific chosen time of the day/week/month, not just as it is at the moment.

    I know it’s not the biggest issue to stay up late 1 day and use the options currently available but still… would be much easier to have a mentioned possibility.

    Would that be possible? 🙂

    Kind Regards, and thanks again for all your work and support!

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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