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  • Joshua


    We love your plugin, but it seems the image caching function is systematically and perpetually creating thousands of duplicates (and duplicates of duplicates) for each picture in our uploads directory. We went from having about 8,000 pics a month to well over a million. (80gb).

    Since the tick box to turn off caching presently doesn’t work (stays on), I went into CONTENT-CARDS.PHP and switched it off in the first set of parameters at line 27:

    'cache_images' => false,

    That seems to have stopped the constant duplication. However, the bug is a serious one. As it is, it’ll take days to clean up our library. You may want to remove that function immediately – at least until it gets worked out.

    Let me know if you want any more info from our testing. Thanks for all your great work. We do love the plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Stanislav Khromov


    Hi Joshua,

    Thank you for the bug report and sorry for the inconvenience.

    I agree the while caching of thumbnails was a good idea in theory, it is causing a lot of issues. I am working on making a PR to pull it out altogether, since it also increases the code size quite a lot.

    If you want to try the cache-free version of Content Cards, you can download this branch from GitHub:

    Your workaround will work as well.

    I don’t have a timeframe for the release of this update since we need to write code to clean up old images once users have upgraded.

    Thanks again for your report.

    Thanks Joshua for this workaround.
    Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work!
    It reduces somehow the damage but LOTS of unneeded images are still created whenever you open the page in editor.

    I don’t understand how 4 months later this plugin is still at the WP repository…
    It’s a disaster as most people using it are certainly not aware of this.

    Plugin Author Stanislav Khromov


    Hi John,

    The issue with on/off switch not working has been fixed in a pending pull request and is awaiting release. It will be in the next version.

    We are also working on a way to clear out the media library so that you can clean out any images that have been cached using Content Cards.

    That being said, bugs are not a criteria for removal from the WP plugin repository, and please try to consider that there are unpaid enthusiasts behind the plugins you use and take for granted. It’s all open source and any help is appreciated.

    I understand.
    Unpaid enthusiasts are everywhere and doing, most of the time, great job.

    The problem here is that this bug is known since at least 4 months and you latest version is over 5 months old and the results of this bug are potentially harmful for users with limited hosting storage accounts.

    Open source is not an excuse for creating damage at user side.
    The least you could do was to publish a warning at your plugin description.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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