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  • Hi,

    first of all, great plugin, I love it so much, because I can obey law without exposing my personal data to crawlers.

    I like to work on my website on localhost and update all files to my host in one take. Since I work on my website alone, this is no problem when it comes to conflicts. All files and the database in my host are replaced when I publish my website.

    There is no issue with the domain name either, since I prefer to modify my hosts file to work locally. So, in theory everything is the same. The only thing that changes is the apache that is running my website and the IP of the host server.

    For some reason my settings are not applied when I publish my website to my remote host only on this plugin. Every plugin works, but this plugin seems to have issues by loading the font. However my settings are not lost and when I re-save the plugin settings (I don’t even need to reset anything), it will fix the font again.

    Here is how it looks after publishing my website:
    Here is how it should look:
    Here is how my configuration looks:

    After inspecting the FTP, it seems the plugins cache files are replaced by those ugly ones when loading the first time.

    Can you give me an explanation when this plugin would re-create fallback cache files in that scenario? I definitely upload the cache files of this plugin from localhost, too.

    The worst part is the fallback font is ASCII only, ruining any umlauts. My publishing pipeline is silent, I don’t like to be forced to post-config anything after publishing.

    Hopefully you can give me some insights.

    Best regards,

    Martin Braun

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  • Plugin Author Andi Dittrich


    Hi Martin,

    the cache paths and font paths may differ between your local setup and the server. cryptex uses a hash based cached (font path+properties) to identify images – in case the underlying filesystem structure is changed the image name will change. due to different font paths on both system the plugin cannot open the font using the local path -> fallback image is used. by clicking “save settings” the (new) font path is used

    generally such scenario isn’t tested nor supported…in case you want work offline it is more suitable to create a static copy of your site and just upload the html files.

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