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  • Problem with the cache plugins If I have a cache plugin installed, the data I show in the interface is not displayed. I must visit the pages one by one before activating my cache plugin so that the essential plugins work correctly. This is not practical.

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  • The page is displaying correctly now on every refresh. But after 2 days of problem solving I’m not sure how I did it. If anyone has any clues as to how things got stuck in only the Chrome cache, I’d appreciate any ideas. Hopefully I don’t need to touch the image accordion block again, it looks so good!


    maybe i have the solution for this Problem… (thanks @futtta from Autoptimize)

    First, i already have these reported problems too.

    Maybe the Problem is… the generated cache files. They always have the same name. If the Webserver uses Browser-Caching the Visitor always uses the “old” cached Version… because the name is always the same and he doesnt updated in Browser-Cache.

    Simple solution:
    Add random numbers and letters or a timestamp to generated Cache files…. like
    These random numbers and letters have to change every time when button clear Cache is click. So all Website Visitors can use the actual file without Problems.

    Thank you for the idea. How did you do that – change the Cache file names? The cache plugin doesn’t appear to have that option. Did you write extra code?

    I still don’t understand the cause… hard refresh works on Chrome, refresh doesn’t. The css file, if it works once, should work the second time using the browser cache version. Or does the hard refresh pull from the server and a refresh from the CDN. However, I purged the Essential plugin cache, server cache, and CDN cache, in that order.

    All a bit strange. I’ve just checked my mobile and its working okay now. But my 2nd office computer in Chrome requires a hard refresh every time!

    We cant do anything… the developers have to change the Code from Plugin.

    But when i am looking into this topic here, from beginning to now… i dont think the developers are interested to fix that…

Viewing 4 replies - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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