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    I used the plugin, but I got a warning because I only use a simple cache plugin (no advanced features). This warning tells me I only need to use that third plugin for minifying scripts. Is it a bad translation (it’s in French) because I thought it was the opposite? I need a cache plugin and litespeed for extra features.

    I am on a shared nginx server with no customisation.

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    Hi, @tosc

    It’s possible something has been lost in translation, because you are correct.

    You can use LSCache on a shared NGiNX server, but you will need another plugin to do the actual caching. You can use LSCache for the optimization features, including minification. There’s a complete list here, under General Features.

    Please let me know if we can clarify anything else!

    Plugin Support LiteSpeed Lisa


    By the way, would you be willing to copy and paste the text from that warning? We’d like to see it and make sure there’s not some other issue we’re missing.



    Thank for your reply. I understand what happens. The message seems to be good but should not be displayed for me (because I don’t run litespeed solutions):

    “Veuillez désactiver toutes les autres solutions de cache de page qui sont actuellement utilisées. LiteSpeed Cache fonctionne avec d’autres solutions de cache, mais uniquement autres que la mise en cache de pages telles que la minification des fichiers css/js. Pour ce scénario uniquement, veuillez décocher « Cocher le cache avancé » dans les réglages de LiteSpeed Cache.”

    I mean, LiteSpeed detects that LSCache Module is disabled. So, I guess this message should not be displayed when this other message is displayed, because it tells that I do need another cache plugin :

    The functionalities here can not work due to:

    LSCache Module is disabled. How to fix it?”

    BTW, do you have some suggestions for cache plugins that run well with your plugin? I noticed I didn’t get a warning for fastest cache but I guess this is due to the fact it is not listed on your plugin.

    Plugin Support LiteSpeed Lisa


    Oh, that’s one of the original plugin messages, from before we had optimization features, and before we supported other web servers. It definitely needs an update. Thanks for letting us know about that.

    We’re reevaluating all of our messaging right now, looking for ways to make it more helpful, so this is timely.

    As far as suggestions for other cache plugins go, really any of them should work. The important thing is to avoid duplicating functionality, like we explain in this wiki.

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