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  • I just edited a post and then checked it, but the change wasn’t there. Only after turning down the wp-cache expiry to 60 seconds did the change show up (after I waited a minute).

    Isn’t an editorial change supposed to update the cache? Perhaps only the wp-super-cache was changed (I didn’t check that).

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  • Yes, the front page cache is cleared, and the cached file for that post is cleared.

    Next time you see this happen, can you confirm that a “supercache” file exists in wp-content/cache/supercache/hostname/path/to/your/post/index.html(.gz)


    I’m also suffering this problem since updating to the new version of wp-super-cache.

    It seems that to not be a problem when I just have the plugin half on (or am logged in to WP).

    However when pages are super-cached changes do not show up any more when editing or posting.

    I have wp-super-cache set up to the default settings, with everything caching fine.

    I had removed wp-cron.php until I got wp-super-cache working, because of wp-cron’s heavy use of the shared server CPU.

    Since restoring wp-cron.php, the edited files are indeed updated.

    Still no luck for me (not quite sure what you did Ericr23? Delete the wp-cron.php then upload it again?)

    huckmag – can you confirm if there is an actual cache file at wp-content/cache/supercache/(hostname)/index.html when you see the problem with updating? Does that file have the updated or new post?

    ericr23 – wp-cron shouldn’t be heavy on the CPU, it’s probably a plugin that uses the cron facility.

    donncha – I checked a random blog post in the supercache folder and – there the file is there all fine but it’s not being updated when I edit a post.

    This is also happening on a seperate install that I have on another hosting company (meditemple).

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Clear the cache entirely and make sure that your .htaccess rules match what the super cache says that they should be.

    Then see if it’s being cleared properly. It’s possible that the upgrade shifted things around a bit, so starting with it clear is the best way to diagnose the problem.

    I’ve done a complete clear of the cache to no avail.

    If I post a new entry, the entry will not show up anywhere on the super cached pages but if I put in the permalink url I can view the page and the page will then be super cached.

    Edits posts however do not show at all. Really frustrating!

    Having the plugin ‘half-on’ does get round the problem but I’d love to have the sites super cached.

    Also the .htaccess rules are exactly what was given by super cache.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Well, I have to say that something is buggered with your site in specific then, because that certainly doesn’t happen to me. When I edit, the changes show up right away, the cache clears correctly, etc. Everything appears to work fine for me.

    Otto42 – yeah I think so too. The weird thing is it’s happening on two separate installs on wordpress I have on two completely different sites (and hosting companies).

    Just to add to my woes I’m still getting my blog turned into this unintelligible text…

    Is this something known with wp-super-cache? It does it when I have it ‘half on’ as well.


    The screen-shot looks like one of your theme files (or plugin files) is saved as UTF-8 with BOM

    Murmatron 2 – I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “saved as UTF-8 with BOM” – could you explain please?

    In my header.php I found this…
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

    Is this where the problem lies?

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