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    Hi Tom,
    I installed “WP Super Cache” 2-3 days ago.
    As the cached posts numbers increase, my visitors per day decreases.
    I checked your “I use a cache plugin. Count these visits with ajax” box, but when I run Debug, there is no obvious conflict or error.
    I am not using CDN.
    Any suggestions?
    Regards and thanks, Angus

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  • Hi Tom,
    Please see graphic of problem.
    It is easy to work out the day I installed WP Super Cache.
    Again, I look forward to any suggestions to a fix and get back my true CPD visitors numbers 🙂
    Regards and thanks, Angus

    Plugin Author Tom Braider


    it seems to be a bug in the cache count function.
    will take a look…

    IMHO this is most probably caused by javascript not being executed by bots.

    Thanks mevdschee.
    The original problem resolved itself a couple of weeks later for no apparent reason.
    HOWEVER, a couple of weeks ago I changed to W3 Total Cache which has had a huge improvement in speed but the numbers have dropped to way less than GA.
    Also the pageread numbers have tailed off from 2.8 > 1.1 per visit, which is nonsense.
    I’ll have a play around with excluding some .js from W3 and see what happened.
    Only trouble is, it takes so long for changes in results to be seen 🙂

    Thanks again.

    AFAIK this may be caused by GA not counting the same way CPD does. GA does use cookies to identify different users and may thus count more visits per IP. This method has some legal problems (read about the EU cookie-law). Disclaimer: Maybe this is not the only difference/problem, but it could be one of the causes.

    Although the above is true, it may not be the cause of your problem, since both GA and CPD rely on Javascript execution. A difference I’ve found is that GA uses vanilla JS, while CPD relies on jQuery. Long shot and probably not, but do you see any JS errors on the page?

    Thanks Mevdschee.
    All resolved 🙂
    Regards and thanks, Angus

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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