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  • Likely because your cache is humungous –

    W3 database caching creates an enormous mess.

    Yea, I was thinking that. How do I clear the cache manually so I can at least get back to normal?

    Either through FTP by deleting everything under the cache and w3tc directory or through SSH.

    FTP will take hours if the cache is large as it has to recurse into the directory.

    Best is probably to ask your host to do it, as it’s in their best interest not to have a huge number of useless files floating around.

    I’m deleting the cache folder contents now. I don’t see a w3tc folder but I do see a w3tc-config folder. Same thing?

    No, W3TC needs the config folder

    Got a response back from BlueHost. They weren’t helpful at all. All they gave me was this link which really doesn’t help matters. The cache still isn’t completely deleted. It’s that large. There has to be a better way than just deleting via FTP.

    Lol, that won’t work because there are way too many file to clear the cache which times out PHP…

    I’ve been clearing the cache via an SSH bash script:

    echo "Running clear command"
    rm -rf /home/<complete directory to your blog/>/blog/wp-content/cache/*
    echo "Cleared"

    and replace “<complete directory to your blog>” with the exact directory, i.e. /home/myusername/http/wp-content/cache/*

    Few shared hosts give you access to the command line though.

    (FYI – Running a bash script via PHP, although possible, will likely fail too)


    Is this ever going to be fixed. This issue makes the plugin useless!!!

    Well, I used the SSH script in Terminal and the cache did clear. So thanks to Sean for that script. It worked. Next step is to find a way I can run a daily or weekly cron job to run said script again.

    I think the most recent version of W3 Total Cache fixed this problem.

    No, the problem is not fixed. If you use enhanced disk caching, the cache files are just stay there causing increasing number of inodes during the time. For some reason they can’t be deleted with Empty Cache feature even the cache folder’s permissions are valid.



    same problem here, only that it’s not a timeout, its just an white screen when I try to empty cache

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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