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    All cache miss page have an additional XHR request intiationed by
    <script data-dont-merge>var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();'GET', document.location.href);xhr.setRequestHeader('X-merge-assets', 'true');xhr.send(null);</script>
    From the naming, it seems this script is used for merge js and CSS, but after turnning js and CSS merge off, it’s still there.
    I tried to figure it out by enabling log (wp-rocket Nginx have a debug option which is useful to know why a page is not hit, by checking header “X-Rocket-Nginx-Reason”), it says “Thread for is not available”
    I don’t know what’s this means. The server’s load is low, the page has been cached, sometimes a cache miss page would turn into a hit page.

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  • Plugin Contributor Fred


    In order to get help, you might start with sharing your site URL.
    Not sure why you refer to other plugins. If it means that you have installed WP-Rocket in combination with Swift Performance, then most likely it is causing issues, as both plugins do similar tasks. Choose which plugin you want to keep and dectivate the other one.

    Swift also provide debug log. click on “/show log/” and check errors.

    It fixed automatically.
    I mentioned wp-rocket’s Nginx config because its log message is straight forward, like “cache is not working because mobile separate cache enabled”, then I disable the mobile cache, it’s working.
    Swift performance’s log message “Thread for is not available”, I don’t know what it means, so I don’t know what to do.
    I would provide details next time if I could reproduce the situation.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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