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  1. janecraft
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I installed YARRP today for the first time. It worked fine until I changed my relatedness options and built the cache.

    The full story: When I first installed the plugin, I the "compute related posts on the fly" box was checked and I did not build the cache. After viewing some posts and tweaking the display options, I changed my relatedness options. This did not change the related posts displayed for the posts I had already viewed but it did change the display for the posts I hadn't viewed. I presumed this meant that the info in the cache was not being rewritten "on the fly" nor on the occasion of my updated relatedness options. I uninstalled and reinstalled. All my custom options were retained.

    I decided to go ahead and build the cache. I got a message "Your related posts cache is now complete. The SQL queries took 0.7 seconds." However, there are now NO related posts displayed on any of my posts. Further, when I click on "Show cache status", I'm told that "Your related posts cache is 0% complete."

    So now I have nothing! Any insight into where I've gone wrong would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. @janecraft - there was a bug in 3.0.7 which said "your related posts cache is 0% complete" even when it was actually built... do you by chance see related posts displayed on your posts themselves?

    Please try the 3.0.8 beta and see if that helps you at all.


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