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    I have noticed that the plugin Cache Enabler doesn’t work with Eu Cookie Law plugin ( The problem is that the cookie notice bar is cached and also other elements wrapped by [cookie][/cookie].

    Any ideas on how to solve the problem?
    I’ve seen about DONOTCACHEPAGE function but I’m wondering what is best way to proceed as I really want to use Cache enabler with Eu Cookie Law plugin.
    Thank you very much for your help!

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    This seems to be related to the EU Cookie Law plugin’s cache compatibility as stated on their plugin page. Please open a support request with them if you haven’t already.

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    Hi Cody,
    also cache plugins have to do something….

    Here for example you can see how Wp Rocket have solved…
    2.8.3 7 June, 2016
    Improvement: Better detection for EU cookie law, only adding the mandatory cookie if auto block is active

    KeyCDN Cache plugin is free but KeyCDN is a premium service…for this reason I think you/they should find a solution like Wp Rocket did.

    Thank you very much

    I have passed this along to the plugin developers to investigate further.

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    Thanks Cody,
    hope to hear good news from you soon. 🙂

    Hi Guys,

    Thank you for the plugin, I use it for all my websites :). I have the same problem with the cookies. I work with the plugin cookie-notice (Cookie Notice for GDPR), but I think it works in a similar way as the “EU Cookie Law”.

    I checked the WP-Rocket plugin as well and it works fine with those plugin.


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    Hi Carlos,
    thanks for your message. I use Cookie Notice for GDPR too in some projects but the plugin “EU cookie Law” works a little bit differently so I’m wondering if the guys at KeyCDN (that is a premium service) can have a look and try to make Cache Enabler working with Eu Cookie Law like Wp Rocket did on July 2016…

    Just a quick message to Code, I’m still waiting for you answer…

    Thanks all

    Hello everyone,

    we’ve looked into those plugins, how they work and how other cache plugins have worked around those issues. We considered implementing similar workarounds but decided against it as that would mean hurting cache performance.

    The common solution is to disable the cache if certain plugins are installed and certain cookies are either present or absent. In any case that means pages are not being cached when they could be.

    One way to go about it would be to implement a cache that stores different versions of a page based on installed plugins and whether certain cookies are set or not. But we felt that would be too complex and also a fix at the wrong spot.

    Instead, in a setup optimized for cache-ability, cookie plugins should not generate different HTML based on users cookies. There are several plugins that don’t do that and that worked fine with Cache Enabler in our tests:

    * Smart Cookie Kit
    * WF Cookie Consent
    * GDPR Cookie Consent
    * GDPR Cookie Compliance

    We suggest you check those out. It’ll be better for your sites overall performance and will give you that warm cuddly feeling that you fixed the problem at the right spot. 🙂


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    how are you?
    I would like to know if Cache enabler works with Iubenda Cookie Solutions
    Thank you very much
    Kind regards,

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    Never received an answer on my last question….

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