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  • Let me start by saying I don’t have any technical skills anymore. I used to program in C++ many years ago so I can maneuver around a little.

    I signed up for a WordPress site back in October based on a recommendation of Dreamhost listed on your site. I went through the setup wizard and everything seemed to be find. It came with WP Super Cache.

    My site is now growing in traffic and I have constant site down problems. I was told to enable WP Super Cache. I enabled it when the blog was first installed. However, I have just discovered by running a trace that it doesn’t appear to be running. (See below) I was told to uninstall WP Super Cache and reinstall it. This is scary since I didn’t install it in the first place.

    04:19:34 /?p=1 Setting up WordPress actions
    04:19:34 /?p=1 Supercache caching disabled. Only using wp-cache. Non empty
    GET request.

    I never signed up to be a server administrator I just wanted a blog. Can I get some help on what needs to be done? Below are the errors that cause my site to go down, sent from Dreamhost. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with this.

    Tue Feb 26 14:30:48 2013 procwatch3 INFO: PID 17560 (php5.cgi)
    tyrsho:pg5492796 – 62.9MB ram, 1.42 sec cpu: killed for uid ram
    Tue Feb 26 14:36:03 2013 procwatch3 INFO: PID 18152 (php5.cgi)
    tyrsho:pg5492796 – 42.6MB ram, 1.14 sec cpu [idle php]: killed for uid
    Tue Feb 26 14:36:33 2013 procwatch3 INFO: PID 19051 (php5.cgi)
    tyrsho:pg5492796 – 63.0MB ram, 1.44 sec cpu: killed for uid ram
    Tue Feb 26 14:37:14 2013 procwatch3 INFO: PID 19323 (php5.cgi)
    tyrsho:pg5492796 – 63.0MB ram, 1.57 sec cpu: killed for uid ram
    Tue Feb 26 14:37:24 2013 procwatch3 INFO: PID 19348 (php5.cgi)
    tyrsho:pg5492796 – 63.0MB ram, 1.61 sec cpu: killed for uid ram

    The only plug-in enabled are WP Super Cache, WP Bandcamp, JetPack, and ELI’s Related Posts Footer Links and Widget.

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