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    Does the plug in use some sort of cache on the “Tables” tab and does it display the correct table size?

    In the tables tab, lets say it shows a table name “wp_SomeTable” and it says its 1.8mb of size.

    When I go to /var/lib/mysql/databasename and list the files the wp_SomeTable shows as 10mb of size.

    So I proceed to log into mysql and Truncate table wp_SomeTable, then /var/lib/mysql/databasename list the wp_SomeTable to be 8.5kb of size, however if I go back to wordpress admin and go the plugin -> Tables tab the wp_SomeTable still displays 1.8mb of size?

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  • I tried restarting php on the server and hit the “refresh tables” and it doesn’t change…

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    The plugin does cache the database table size for a short time (enough to prevent unnecessary extra calls to the database).

    However, running an optimisation or refreshing the tables should update the cache.

    What version of the plugin is currently installed?

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