• kajori


    Hi All,

    We need a help with by passing the SSO .

    The requirement is like this for a particular request we have to do it.

    Flow is like this

    1. We get the particular request X with a token Y, (The token is constant always)
    2. When we get the Y token we need to bypass the SSO and wordpress login page so that the request can access the application directly. (The frontend mainly)

    The above points should only be applicable for a particular request.

    The SSO functionality should work as it should for other users and requests.

    Do we have any specific hook or configuration settings which can help us achieve this?

    Please let us know. Thanks.

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  • Plugin Contributor Chris Reynolds


    Hi @kajori

    I don’t know that there is something that fits precisely what you are looking for, but reviewing the code, I think I know where you can hook in.

    The SAML authentication hooks in after wp_authenticate_username_password runs using the authenticate filter.

    At that point, it filters the authentication to forward the request to the SAML Identity Provider. There’s not a hook specific to WP SAML Auth to use, but I think you should be able to hook in your use case using existing WordPress hooks before the authentication is filtered by the plugin. That’s where I would start looking, anyway. Hope this helps!

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