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  • Handoko


    Some said this plugin is bad. Well, I thought it is not as bad as they said, so I decided to give it a chance.

    After the plugin installed, there is a menu item called 6Scan on the left menu. And 2 sub menu items: Dashboard and Support.

    I clicked the Support, it said “For any questions, please visit our support community.” Besides the link provided, there we also can submit comments to them. Great, it means they do provide supports.

    Next, I clicked the Dashboard. It ask me to provide my email address and password. What password? I never registered 6Scan. There is the text that appears on the form:

    By clicking Scan Now, you agree to 6Scan’s Terms of use.
    Your email and site URL will be sent to 6Scan to initiate your security scan.

    Alright, I typed random things on both fields. And clicked the big orange button “Scan Now”. Guess what. I can pass it without having the password.

    It’s still not working, I mean scanning anything. There are some fields need to be filled on the dashboard:
    – Hostname
    – FTP Username
    – FTP Password
    – Connection Type (FTP or FTPS)

    I don’t trust them. So I simply uninstalled it.

    They maybe are serious, want to run a honest business. But after some minutes of my testing, I found nothing useful. There are plenty of great security plugins on, they’re free and some provide extra supports with a fee. This one I’m not impressed, it ask too many things.

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