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  • Hey guys, i’m currently building my first wordpress theme, and in the theme’s ‘loop’ i have each posts image pulled which is set to be inside a slider (bxslider)

    the problem i’m having, is the effect im trying to achieve is to have the current slide either animated via jquery, or via css to have full opacity, while all other slides have a lower opacity.

    i can achieve this with adding classes or animating via jquery so far, but it only works for the first slide in the loop, as there are an ‘infinite’ i guess number of slides, i’m having a bit of an issue.

    Does anyone know if there’s a way that i can fix this so that each slider behaves the same and has the current image across all sliders at full opacity whilst the others are at a lower opacity at all times?

    You can see the build and sort of what we’re trying to achieve over at


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