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  • hello there,

    I’m using a slightly modified MX4 theme, and I have some concern about the BX_functions.php file.

    Now I now this theme uses it, and some other theme by the name of Blix as well. My question is what exactly is the point of all these duplicate functions and are they better than the standard built-in WordPress functions?

    I see a few that are named ‘BX_get_pages’ and ‘BX_archive’, etc. What’s the deal?

    Also, I noticed there’s alot of cruft within some of the MX4 template files pertaining to the BX functions that I may be able to strip out if I don’t need to use this file.

    Can someone shed some light on the situation?

    thanks 😀

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  • Best guess would be the author required features lacking in default WordPress functions in those theme designs.

    Beyond that…I try not to read minds.

    Your best option in cases of this nature is to contact the theme author. Only that individual is really qualified to state why heesh found it necessary to duplicate/expand upon the inbuilt wp functions….

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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