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    Hi All,

    Thanks again for your opinion. As we told, we’ve taken into account all your notes and decided to move the panel to its original place. All updated versions will be available soon.

    BestWebSoft Support Team

    I need clear, direct instructions how to REMOVE the BWS panel.

    No thank you’s, no taking comments into account.

    So, what do I need to do to REMOVE the BWS panel?

    email rjm[at]

    BWS support claims their BWS Panel CANNOT BE REMOVED from the WP admin area.

    I am trying to find a way to report this to the appropriate WP developers.

    More than a plugin this is plain and full advertisement. You cannot do much without the paid version. The free version is so intrusive that it barely lasted 30 minutes in my computer before I deactivated it and deleted it.
    Seriously, the plugin is more about information on other products than anything else.


    To remove it, for some strange reason the plugin does not show like the other plugins in the plungin list.

    Go to the plugin page, on the search field on the right search for “BestWebSoft” and they will show up. You have to deactivate it first and then you can finally and happily delete it.

    Plugin Author bestwebsoft


    Hi saizenay,

    BWS Panel helps users to find the necessary tools and manage them in more convenient way. We’d like to note that the panel has always existed, but not all of our users knew about it. It has been moved upper with one goal: to provide faster access to the list of plugins, themes, and other tools. We’re planning to add other options in order to provide our users advanced tools to analyze, manage and boost their WordPress websites.
    In the last plugin update, the panel has been moved down where it was before.

    BestWebSoft Support Team

    KS2 Problema


    I logged into one of my sites and found that the control panel had been taken over by the BWS advertising panel. Extraordinarily intrusive — it looks and feels like malware.

    Very poorly handled. I’ve removed the plugin and will almost certainly uninstall it from any other sites I manage where I’ve used it.

    You need to review how you approach your attempts at ‘conversion.’ I don’t have time for this kind of nonsense and it looks like others are similarly alienated by it.

Viewing 7 replies - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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