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  • So I used to love this plugin…but as of late there was an issue with my site, disabled all plugins to figure out which plugin was causing the error. Deleted that plugin and began reactivating all of my other plugins… when I go to reactivate BWPS… I am now getting a database error message…..I can not access the admin part of wordpress for the life of me…

    I tried deleting the plugin…deleted the .htacess file…I was still having the same issue… I moved on to something else…got to another computer and tried to login again…it looks like that may have solved the problem….but now that i’ve reinstalled the plugin…the same issue occurs… except now it’s crashed my whole site! It’s giving me a database error….

    Does this mean that I may have to get rid of this plugin completely?

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  • Handoko


    Did you enable the change Database Prefix feature? This might break your website if it’s not compatible with other plugins.

    My suggestion is to disable all the features first. Then enable it one-by-one to test if it works. Remember backup before you do anything dangerous.

    Good luck.

    I’m having a similar issue on 2 of my sites. Yes, i changed the database prefix, but the site works fine without the plugin installed. If I try to reinstall the plugin, the site locks up and goes white. If I delete the plugin manually, I can restore access to the website.

    Interestingly, I am not able to install it on another domain that is in the same user account as the one that is not working. It has the same symptoms, yet was never installed prior. I hope this gives a clue.

    I like your plugin, and use it on many of my other sites.
    The site where it is NOT working is my most hacked domain, and I would really like to get this running. I am happy giving a donation for your attention. Thank you.




    You said the plugin causes your site to locks up and goes white. Did the symptoms happened only after you changed the database prefix?

    There are many settings on the plugin can crash a website. My suggestion is once you activate the plugin, disable all the features and try to enable it one-by-one to see which feature is not compatible your website.

    For now you might need to reset the plugin settings. I know there are 3 things you may need to do:

    1. Delete (or rename) the plugin’s folder

    2. Edit your .htaccess file. Remove the section of Better WP Security, that is the lines between ‘# BEGIN Better WP Security‘ and ‘# END Better WP Security‘.

    3. Remove the plugin’s data in your database. It is in the table ??_options (original: wp_options). Use this query to find the data then delete it:

    SELECT *
    FROM 'wp_options'
    WHERE option_name LIKE '%bwps%'

    4. Reinstall the plugin. But start with all features off. Then enable it one-by-one.

    Remember, always do necessary backups. Don’t blame me if the tricks above break your website.

    Good luck.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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